Tuesday, 25 April 2017

This and That

NC asked if what status with potato is. I can eat potato a couple times a week without problem. Too much and it starts to sit heavy in my gut.

I was out for lunch with a friend for high school on Friday who I haven't seen for years. I let them know I had a gluten and soy allergy. I was not happy when 3/4 of the way through the appetizer the waitress (who hadn't brought my meal) realized they served me a sauce with soy in it. She apologized, they did nothing (they didn't even comp me), I decided to let it go, but spent Saturday night visiting the bathroom, a lot.

I had a massage on Saturday to try and help work out the huge knots in my lats. It was very painful and as I was lying there, in my bedroom (she comes to our house) the thought occurred to me that I dislike a massage so much I think I would rather be at the gym . . . . . . . . Who would have ever thought I would find something I like less? :p

Our home gym is almost complete, when it is I will share it with you!

Last week I got a weird "injury" from the gym.  Sam got it too but not as bad (likely because he doesn't wear a bra).

I broke the blood vessels near my armpits in both arms. I think it was from having my chest against the bench while doing a rowing motion. That must prove that I was working extra hard!  It didn't hurt, it just looked weird.


  1. Glad for occasional spuds...You were much nicer about the soy incident than I would have been!

  2. That looks painful. They really should have comped if not your meal, than at least the appetizer. They would have lost my business.

    I only like the aromatherapy massage. It doesn't work the kinks out so much as relaxes but it's very enjoyable.

  3. Oh, that's pretty exciting to about have the gym done! I can't wait to see it! I get weird abrasions from running, usually in the sports bra, leg or belly button areas. Weird.