Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Practice Training At Home

As F'in Alex is on a much deserved vacation in Arizona (the poor man has had to put up with me for months now) Sam and I are using this time to practice working out without our trainer. This was always the goal, for me to learn enough to work out at home.  Once I found out FA was going to be away I worked on gather the basic things we needed to create our home gym so we could have a test run before our contract ran out.

FA was a bit disappointed that I had created workouts to do while he was away. He said he was going to make some for us, but anal me had it done already. Instead I sent him my plan and he begrudgingly admitted that it was perfect. I told him that in spite of the whining and complaining I had actually been paying attention. I had created a chart of all the exercises we do at the gym that I could do at home and using a similar formula to his sessions created something.

On Sunday Sam and I officially used the home gym for the first time. We had some rules, we were not going to give each other high fives after every exercise (it is so annoying) and no being overly perky and say "you got this" or "you can do it" or "go, go, go"  a thousand times (also annoying).  I admit I prefer having someone to swear at when I kind of want to die (it isn't as fun to blame yourself), and when I had to put all the weights away and wipe everything down at the end I said "where is my servant monkey to do this for me?" This princess is not use to having to do that. But other than that it was nice to have my music, not have other people in my way, and have the flexibility of when it works for me.

Our goal is to do the 5 sessions we are missing (not on the same days/times we train as I am away for a few days at the end of this week). Our goal when we are done with FA will be to work out 2 times per week. Likely on the weekend and Wednesday mornings (freeing up my Tuesday/Thursday for work).

Now here are some pictures of the home gym:

Weight bench, treadmill, and big balls. This was taken after the workout, hence all the weights on the ground.

The weight rack with the missing weights and our bands

The step and bozo ball (bosu ball if you want to be technical) - usually stored under the pinball machine but out

The work out plan with notes on weights and reps we did - sitting on our pinball machine!

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  1. Looks like you have a great set up - you go girl!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley