Thursday, 25 May 2017

Working Out Without A Trainer

We have now completed 3/5 workouts we are doing while F'in Alex is on vacation. We had a week between sessions with my unexpected stay at my parents. But never fear, I had my yoga mat with me so I was able to do some of that while there.

[FYI: If you are interested in yoga I rotate between using the site and the YouTube channel].

So working out at home without our coach/trainer (who was sweet enough to text me earlier this week to check in on us):

Sam says he likes the time slot at the gym, 8:15 better than the slot at home which weekdays is 6 am. I actually prefer the early time slot. I walk the dogs as my warm up and then get the workout done. In fairness to Sam, he usually only gets up at 6:30, while I often get up at 5 or so. I think he finds the rest about the same. He seems to want to die about the same:)

I like the time slot.I like having my own music and not having to listen to the crappy dance music the gym plays (and not having those horrible songs stuck in my head all day). I like having complete control over what I am doing (the order, the exercises). I like the flexibility of the schedule - my goal is 2 days and if life happens I can more easily move a day. I like not having strangers around (our gym is downtown Gatineau which is a little seedy at times).  I like not having to wait for a change room. I like not having to make sure I have shaved before going to the gym. I like not having to pack all the extra stuff. I like not having to pay to park.

I would say I like training at home better than going to the gym. I think the adjustment back to the gym for the last 13 sessions will be hard. To be honest I would just rather train at home. But I have a contract and be damned if I am going to pay all that money and not go. Besides I may still learn something and I have a collection of random questions to ask F'in Alex (I have a list so I won't forget).

I am grateful that we had these 2.5 weeks to try training alone. It has shown me that it is doable.


  1. A test transition is always a good thing. Just make sure you maintain your motivation.


  2. I have been really bad the last 3 weeks working out due to a couple minor illnesses and hubby on the road. I have to get back with it Sunday.