Monday, 19 June 2017

Aerial Adventure

To celebrate my birthday this year I decided I wanted to do something 'crazy' and  I selected zip lining. We live 15 minutes and almost every day drive by  Lafleche Aerial Park and Zipline Courses, so there was no excuse not to go.

Ready to go!

Sam signed us up for a 3 hour tour. It included a whole bunch of crazy obstacles, like the pictures I have borrowed from the internet, and some cool zip lining.

This is the last obstacle of the course and felt endless

You are clipped on anytime you are off the ground and you slowly make your way across obstacles and zip lines in a group.

Yesterday was pretty hot. There was also a risk of thunderstorms and rain, but the park runs courses unless someone on the course sees lightning. About 1/2 way in the thunder and rain hit. And by rain I mean it downpour. Every inch of us was soaked and we were called down for about 10 minutes due to lightning before we were given the all clear to return to the sky. At this point Sam, along with 4 others decided to be done for the day. I continued on.

I never felt really scared. I did slip once in the storm but caught myself and I have a pretty nice slip and fall on a very slippery log (not as epic as one of the women in the group who slipped in about the same place and fell off the obstacle and needed a lot of help to get up. When I saw her at the end her arm was already totally bruised).

It was physically very tough and I don't know that if I hadn't been training for 36 weeks if I could have done it. I did rock walls (made extra hard because you have to let go with one hand to move your carabiner), and spider's nets and used muscles I don't usually use except at the gym. I felt strong and I am sure tomorrow (or if you are reading this on the day it goes live Monday) I am going to be sore, but what is new:)

I loved zip lining. They have a zip lining only course I want to go back to! I didn't think I would love that, but I did.

10 people started with our group and 3 finished. I was the first of the group to finish. It was a nice way to end 41 and prepare for 42 (which is the answer to life, the universe and everything - Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).


  1. Okay, the words 'Mad as a box of frogs' comes to mind!!!!
    What an amazing task to set yourself AND I'm impressed....only 3 finished and one of them was YOU!!! Well Done!

  2. Good for you and yes, you'd never have done this were it not for the last year of intense training. What an awesome way to spend a birthday.

  3. K10 you are fearless and I love it. I hope if I were 42 again I'd have your gumption
    Hugs HiC

  4. Awesome way to go! Have a great day & Happy Birthday!

  5. Wahoo!! I have always wanted to try zip lining, it looks so fun!

  6. Wow, you are a beast!!! Can't wait to see your transformation in August!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley