Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Canada Turned 150

and I really didn't care. If my sister hadn't asked to come up (and my brother-in-law, which lead to inviting friends), I likely would have done nothing.

For years it seems (the joys of living in the national capital region) the country was planning this big birthday bash. People were excited. People planned big things. Downtown Ottawa was practically shut down for days as they created a secure perimeter to ensure people's safety (the joys of living in a terror filled world). The weather was not great on the big day, there were issues with security, the indigenous people protested, Bono sung, Prince Charles visited, and I only cared a little. I did watch most of the noon day show because I was slightly interested and so I had some water cooler talk at the office.

I was thinking why don't I care that Canada is 150. I am 6th + generation Canadian. My ancestors have lived in Canada (and some in the US) before the countries existed. I don't have any immigration/refuge stories in my recent family history. I don't even think about being Canadian. It is just a thing I take for granted. That is one of the reasons I didn't care.

I didn't care either because I hate crowds. I have done the Hill (referring to Parliament Hill where the bulk of the celebrations take place) before, and it is a zoo. This year with all the security screening (people apparently waited up to 8 hours at times) it was even messier than usual. I also don't like the bathroom situation either. The Hill boasted 72 portable toilets for the 31 000 people who could have been on it. (I believe the numbers were only like 25 000 people, but still). 

I also don't care because I think the money could have been better spent. A quick Google search says it all cost at least 1/2 billion dollars. That is an insane amount of money for a party. That money could have been used to help our indigenous peoples, health care, education etc. etc. That sort of money could have meaningfully helped people. That just ticks me off. 

The next big celebration will be in 50 years. Hopefully, I will be lucky and be 92 at it. Maybe I will appreciate the party more then or maybe I just won't care. 


  1. K10
    I sure do understand what you mean about crowds. I am fond of them either and I agree about the bathroom facilities. LOL I still remember the 'hole in the ground' at Brown State Park and the stench. I have a very sensitive nose and will admit to be a bit of a germaphobic. LOL While we were touring Mesa Verde State park we had to use similar facilities. I was kinda wishing I had on a 'depend'. LOL TMI I know. I enjoy watching Independence Day festivities on tv. Raleigh has a huge bash out at the fairgrounds just 3 miles from us. We have never in 47 years of marriage been to it. I don't understand the fascination with fireworks. Fireworks done by professionals in a proper location are beautiful. But in residential areas where there are trees and it has been dry and more than likely the idiot messing with them has had one too many beers just scare me to death.
    Hugs HiC

  2. correction: I am NOT fond of crowds either...

  3. In truth I am not very excited about today being the 4th. So many people are celebrating, firing off fireworks, getting drunk at BBQ's and waving flags at parades and still are not registered to vote or are registered to vote and don't bother to vote. It really is a farce in so many way. The fact that such an idiot and worthless human being has made it to the Whitehouse is proof only of how much people have disengaged from the process.