Thursday, 13 July 2017

So Long And Thanks For All The Sweat

So this post isn't too long, I will write about the last session today and share the results next week.

Today was session 80. Considering I didn't think I could get through 8, this is amazing. Today was also the first time I was actually excited to go to the gym.  I told F'in Alex and he laughed. Yep, I was excited to be leaving.

I had tried to convince him on Tuesday I was totally cool with doing the weigh in and then going for breakfast poutine. [Poutine: Quebec dish made of fries, cheese curds and gravy - breakfast version uses home fries]. He said he wouldn't let me eat something like that in front of him. (Note: I actually don't like poutine as I don't like gravy). I also suggested just going for coffee. He said I didn't drink it. I said I could have a tea. He still said no, we were going to have fun. Or at least he was going to have fun. 

Our session started with handing over our fobs, the gift exchange and final weigh in. F'in Alex seemed very surprised I had gotten him something. I told him it was my way of apologizing for all the terrible things I have said out loud to him and about him. (My mom would want everyone to know she raised me to be more polite then I was!) F'in Alex loved his gift and said it made his month. He couldn't believe I had figured out red was his favourite colour (here are the clues: He wears red shoes, he has a red bag, he almost always wears red . . . clearly I am an amazing detective) and surprised I hadn't put swear words on it. I said I didn't know where he would want to put it and putting swear words might limit where he could display it. (See note above about my mother raising me to be polite).

He surprised us with a token of appreciation too, which was very kind of him.

The session was more or less the same as the past 79 except we got to pick most of the exercises. He gave us sort of categories and we each picked one. In spite the fact I made his month and my results are amazing, he did not go easy on me. He was looking for the final F-Off - which he got when I gave him the finger. I had been polite to him for 11 consecutive sessions - which is amazing for me! Today  I got to do things like push 290 lbs and shatter my mountain climber record of 300 with 450. 

We said goodbye - I pointed out it wasn't a sad day as I have achieved my goals. I wanted to be stronger  and I wanted to know enough to safely work at home. 

That was it. I showered and drove the 45 minutes home to work from home for the rest of the day.

I will spend the next couple of days celebrating this accomplishment - mainly not killing a man or throwing up in a gym. Today I told him if he pushed me that hard, I was aiming for his shoes because what did I care, I wasn't going to see any of the people in the gym ever again. The plan is on Sunday to officially start working out at home.  

The next chapter begins . . . . .


  1. K10Ohhhh Coach Alex is my kinda know I love red too!!
    Congrats on getting up all those mornings in the cold, rain, snow etc and going to the gym! YOu deserve a medal! Come winter when you can work out at home you will be a very gleeful exerciser!
    Hugs HiC

  2. He had a big impact on your life! Now on to the next chapter!


  3. Congratulations - you are even stronger now for the next exciting chapter in your life.

  4. Wahoo!!!! Go K-10!!!

    I think it's ironic F'n Alex's fave color is red...Isn't red your most not favorite color? lol