Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Results

317 Days - 80 sessions - 60 hours - 87 million gallons of sweat  and twice as many swear words

-I am down 12 lbs
-Final body fat was down 5 % (it was up 1% from last measurement - will watch this with our new fancy scale - there is a story about that for another day!)
-The 3 areas I measured have me down a total of 6.5 inches
-Went from a medium/large and 8-10 to a small and 2-4
-I am clearly stronger. I don't have flying squirrel arms, I have biceps and I am still crushing on my abs.
-I can hold a plank exhausted for at least 1.5 minutes (fresh I started at 37 seconds)
-I can do heavier weights across the board.
-I can control the dogs when we come across wildlife etc. I am no longer fearful of ending up face first in a ditch!

I told Sam he needs this t-shirt:


  1. Yup, he needs that shirt! Well done, you have worked very hard for your accomplishments!


  2. He definitely needs that shirt...and you need one that just says Wonder Woman!! Great job K-10!!

  3. I love it!!! Congrats on a year of hard work that has turned you into a well toned Lady
    Hugs HiC