Monday, 7 August 2017

My Car - Testing My Patience

I drive a 2012 Chevy Equinox with almost 230 000 km (about 143 000 miles) on it. I love my car.

Back 5.5 years ago when I bought the car, the plan had been to get a gently used car as I drive so much. However, at the time it was cheaper to buy a new car because there was no interest on car loans, so I bought my Equinox with the plan to drive it until she died. That is still the plan as I still owe a few thousand dollars on it, although 2 weeks ago I wondered if she had died. 

She started sounding 'too loud' to me, so I took her in for service. I took her to the dealership I generally go to. There I discovered they had missed telling me a number of regular maintenance things had not been done (like I track spark plug replacement or fluid flushes, I assume their computer will tell me I need that done). I also had to have a part of the exhaust replaced and needing break work. $2500 later she was running like new.

When I went to my parents I drove to my sister's and we took her car (car seats already in it). I left my car at her place for the 6 days. After 8.25 hours of driving with some cranky children, you can imagine I was looking forward to getting home (which is about an hour, hour and a quarter more driving). I loaded my things into my car and went to leave. My car wouldn't start. I realized I had left the middle console open. I called CAA and got a boost. I made it home. I started my car Friday, but didn't drive it, it was fine. Saturday, we went to get groceries and my car was dead again. 

After calling the neighbour who would have booster cables (he was away) and going to a store to buy some (they had just sold the last set), we called CAA again. They came, boosted my car and I drove directly to a mechanics to have a new battery put in. That was only another $250. Apparently 5 years and that many clicks on it, one would expect a battery to die. 

Let's hope my car is good to go, except oil changes and maybe a new rear wiper. If not I think my patience with it will be done! 

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  1. You're lucky you got 5 years out of that battery! Our first battery changes usually come at 3 years. ANd of course they come at the most inopportune times!