Thursday, 7 September 2017

My Perfect Day

Mike Campbell, from the Live Immediately podcast (which is one of my favourites), ends every interview by asking his guest what his/her perfect day looks like. It is a great and interesting question.

This is my perfect, non-vacation day.

Get up early without an alarm.
Walk the dogs for about an hour.
Sit and read blogs while I eat my breakfast.
Work for a couple hours.
Do yoga.
Have lunch.
Spend the afternoon reading and writing.
Take the dogs for another walk/play
Have Sam cook a great dinner.
Soak in the tub
Watch a show
Go to bed to read.

It is that simple:)

What is your perfect day?


  1. Wake without annoying alarm clock. Biscuits with breakfast. Coffee. Writing for a couple of hours. Thai from the place down the street for lunch. Board game with husband. Read a book, play in yard with Abby Lab, make a simple supper while sipping wine. Old boxed set mystery show (such as Castle) with husband in den, then sleep.

  2. How interesting! I think I live my perfect day nearly every day. I get up without an alarm. I may or may not go running. I read blogs, putter around, spend time with the Doods, do some reading, take care of chores & duties. Oh, I guess on the perfect day 45 would not be president so I would change that lol! And of course I would take French lessons!