Sunday, 10 December 2017

About Me - 25 answers

Because I love a list and haven't taken the time to formulate some of the posts for here that are bouncing around my head, I borrowed this from Yamini.

1.  What is your middle name?   

2.  What was your favorite subject in school?  
                  History and English

3.  What is your favorite drink? 
                  Tea; I also love oj, water and hot chocolate with booze in it, and a good vodka martini and of course a Bellini!

4.  What is your favorite song at the moment?  
                   This changes with my mood - OneRepublic is currently my favourite band. I also love Matchbox Twenty and the Fray.

5.  What is your favorite food? 
                   I am a foodie, I love food. Things I love include - a really nice cheese, chocolate, Brussel sprouts, latkes, a very nice steak, potatoes/sweet potatoes, asparagus

6.  What is the last thing you bought?  
                   Bags to store our Christmas trees as the boxes are falling apart and not keeping the mice  out!  

7.  Favorite book of all time?
                   Also hard - I reread the Alchemist every year. I also adore Les Mis, The Shadow in the Wind and anything by Timothy Findley

8.  Favorite color?
                   Blue! Any shade! I am kind of into pinks and greys right now too. 

9.  Do you have any pets?
                   Currently my 2 dogs. Formally 2 dogs and 2 cats. 

10. Favorite perfume?
                   Don't wear one

11.  Favorite holiday? 
                   Hanukkah - I love the food. (I know it is weird since I am not Jewish or religious in any way). 

12.  Are you married?
                   Yep, for half my life now! 

13.  Have you ever been out of the country? How many times?

                      Yes, more times then I can count. I have been out 3 times this year! I have been to 23 countries and 3 territories
14.  Do you speak any other language?
                   I know a tiny bit of French.

15.  How many siblings do you have?
                   One sister

16.  What is your favorite shop?
                   The grocery store.  I am not a big shopper any more, but I love grocery shopping. 

17.  Favorite restaurant?
                   I love Lone Star fajitas but I love a little place near by in and old train station. 

18.  When was the last time you cried? 
                   Today, when I read about a dog that had died. 

19.  Favorite blog?
                   I love all the blogs I follow, I couldn't pick one. 

20.  Favorite movie?
                   The Muppet Movie - 1979; X-Men Origins - Wolverine; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both versions

21.  Favorite TV show?
                  Ray Donovan

22.  PC or Mac?

23.  What phone do you have?
                   iPhone 5SE

24.  How tall are you?

25.  Can you cook?
                   I have a very basic cooking repertoire!  When I have time I don't hate it, but I don't love it. 


  1. You and I share 11 things in common!

  2. Cool answers, I really enjoy these memes!

  3. No big surprises but I do enjoy reading these!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley