Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Home Body

From December 23-January 1st, I left my house 3 times.
On the 23rd we went to do the last of our errands before Christmas - groceries and getting dog food.
On the 25th we went to a movie.
On the 30th we went to babysit our niece and nephew and grabbed groceries on the way home.

My Paradise

Sam worked outside the home the 27-29th, while I worked from home, using the phone and video conferencing to connect with my clients.

On January 2nd, I went back to the office. People asked how my holidays were. I realized how perfect they were because I got to stay at home. I left the house 3/10 days. It would have been nicer if it had been a little warmer and I could have taken the dogs for a walk or gone snowshoeing, but having no obligations to go anywhere was wonderful. I cleaned out cupboards, I finally hung some pictures, I read, I played with the dogs, I worked . . . . I had many pj days. (Note: I at least put on sweats if I am consulting with others. I only work in my pjs on days I don't have video conferences. I am a professional after all!)

One of my good friends and coworkers was shocked. She said she can't imagine just being at home so many days, she would go mad. I said, except when I am traveling, being at home is my dream. It was when we lived closer to things too. I love limiting my interactions with other human beings. In an ideal world I would leave my house only 2 or 3 times per week. I picture that is what my retirement will look like - one day for errands - one or two days for social events.

I am lucky, starting this year, most weeks I should get to work at home 2 days instead of just one. I am doing more distance consulting and instead of trying to squeeze that in when I am at the office I work at part time, I am trying to put it on other days. I know some people have trouble working at home, but I have the discipline and desire to do so, so it isn't a big deal for me.

My general goal is to only go out once on the weekends, but for the next few I will be going to friends' Sunday afternoon for 90s movies. I always have to talk myself into leaving the house to go, but I always have a really good time. I know there will be weeks the weather keeps me at home, so I will enjoy going when I can. (Actually as I write this on Sunday - we may be having a snow day tomorrow, and I am kind of hoping I have the weather as an excuse to work from home - it wouldn't be the most difficult day to reschedule!)

Are you a home body or would you rather be out?


  1. When I was working I liked being able to work from home BUT when I was working from home it meant that I was working more than 40 hours (rarely did I only work 40 hours). I was more productive at home.


  2. Home body for sure. When I worked I HAD to leave the house every day in all kinds of weather.
    When I retired I told myself no more going out in bad weather of any kind or at all unless it is an emergency. WE walk 5 days a week at the mall but come straight home. Last week we didn't leave the house from Wed-Friday due to cold then only briefly on Saturday and Sunday it was 4 degrees .
    Hugs HiC