Thursday, 4 January 2018

January Challenge - Update 1

My January challenge is to join 30 day True challenge and to meditate daily.

The yoga challenge started the 2nd, so I don't have too much to say about it. I have done 2 videos (and when you are reading this I will probably have done the 3rd). The first day was hard, not because the video was hard, but because I was a lot little sore from my workout on the 1st. The second was a bit better but I got this killer leg cramp during a forward fold and had to take a moment.

My only concern will be working in this on my strength training. I tend to do my strength training on work from home days or weekends. I think I will do my strength training in the morning and yoga in the afternoon/evening on those days. We will see if this body can handle both in a day!

As for mediation, I have completed 3 days. I have been trying new ones instead of just my bookmarked favourites. Day 1, I really had a hard time getting into it because the guy sounded like a serial killer to me and I got the giggles and couldn't stop imagining the horrible things he had planned. Day 2, I tried one that was a little 'woo woo' for me. Day 3, I had some moments of getting into the zone, but as I had been up since 4 for no reason, my mind had trouble being quiet. But that is ok. It is about trying to not let your mind wander!

So far, 3 days in and we are off to a pretty good start!


  1. Yay You for even doing it if you were sore!! You are quite disciplined.
    Dang it...I dropped a pot this order to keep it from hitting my foot a made an awkward movement kinda sideways and jerky. Tweaked my right sciatica and I saw stars literally. Dang sciatica was about 99% well...too. Of course I'm glad I don't have a sore foot but the sciatica is such a PITT
    Hugs HiC