Thursday, 11 January 2018

January Challenge - Update 2

I have now completed 9 days of my yoga/mediation challenge.

Yoga: I am definitely feeling it in my abs and butt.
I have managed to do both strength training and yoga two times. I skipped my strength on Sunday because on Friday I tweaked something in my neck. It was very painful, so I decided to listen to my body and move my workouts to Wednesday and Saturday. The extra rest did help my neck. I do admit on days I do both (strength in morning, yoga in evening), I am far less motivated to get my steps in, but if it is a week day, I rise to the challenge.

Meditation: I have avoided ones that sound like serial killers and have actually found a couple new I like to add to my play list. I continue to 'suck' at this. I find my mind wanders a lot. I know this is normal, so I go with it and try to come back to my breath and body. Last night, I was doing this after my yoga. I had the 3 dogs with me and they took turns licking my face. I am not sure how relaxing that was, but is sure made me smile.

I am feeling confident that I can do another 21 days (as long as I stay healthy and it might be better to close the dogs out of the room).

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  1. I will have to try that. I'm doing my New Year Challenge. I was getting in the habit of having 2-3 small glasses of wine with or after dinner. We eat fairly late due to my husband's commute, so I found I was having to get up for the bathroom 2 times a night and I wasn't sleeping great. I started having ONE glass before he gets home, and no more liquid after that but a sip of water after I brush my teeth. I'm amazed after a little more than a week how much better I'm sleeping.