Thursday, 18 January 2018

January Challenge - Update 3

We have reached the halfway point in this challenge. January is moving both fast and slow!

My biggest concern had been fitting in yoga and a strength training twice a week. That hasn't been a problem. It is not easy those days, but doable. The yoga practices are generally about 30 minutes and I plan the double days for days at home. Other days I do the yoga after my morning walk (which has been inside too many days due to the weather).

At the end of last week, my legs were very, very sore. I also appeared to be fighting something as I had a low grade fever.  I didn't do many steps over the weekend, and that rest seemed to help as my legs aren't as achy.

Looking at my body, it is definitely my legs that are benefiting the most. My thighs are very tight and 'bigger' looking. I am hoping it is the muscle building that is accounting for even more weight I am putting on (but more about that in a later post).

As for meditation, I continue to suck at it, but I enjoy those minutes of quiet (even if I am thinking about everything under the sun when I am suppose to be thinking about nothing).

I must say, this January challenge is going well! It is helped by the fact work is weirdly quiet this month (I am trying to enjoy that because it will not last and soon I will be complaining about being too busy!)


  1. I have used my morning hikes/walks(I leave the pups at home for this one) as a quasi meditation. I have my camera along, and try to take in the beauty of nature...leaving the rest of the day until I get back home. I think this is as close as I'll get to true meditation :-).

  2. Yes, it is going fast and slow isn't it? Glad things are progressing well!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. K10,
    Thankful to hear you are being able to keep things on course...must be a wee bit difficult with 3 furries too.
    Hugs HiC